I decide now to look beyond negative appearances and seek the truth. Mastering this concept will empower me to discover how profoundly powerful I am to transform negative appearances into positive truths.

The Power of Balance Be More Confident Productive

Marvin Mack
Marvin Mack
25 May 2021

The Center For Mind For Mind Esteem Development w Marvin Mack Your Life Coach A Work-Life balance is something that all of us strive for But mostly we end up feeling stressed and burnt out from our day-to-day work and other activities which keep us occupied most of the time This has a strong but negative impact on our mental health Burnout leaves us in a state of complete physical and mental exhaustion Access to our rational thinking brain as we once knew it totally loses With the continuous workload on our body and mind there is a constant pressure that keeps building on inside our brain which after a certain point of time can end up leading to a state of anxiety irritation anger and eventually depression Then our brains start searching for additional things to invoke pleasure and keep us going To start with one coffee alcoholic drink cigarette provides the hit we need but over time more and more is needed to provide the same relief Then the more toxins we put into our system the more the essential nutrients such as vitamin B that we need for dealing with stress in the first place get used up in the detoxification process This becomes a vicious circle leading to the intake of more toxins which turns into building up a destructive personality in ourself which we realize often too late So before your ship has sailed take an action And it should be taken now The key to staying out of stress and burnout is to consciously build in time for your wellbeing Exercise including Yoga and meditation relaxation hobbies family friends and fresh air are all part of giving you the inner resilience increased energy and the ability to perform at your best Work-life balance is actually the key to peak performance Stress is silent in its approach and devastating in its burnout outcome Practices such as Yoga and meditation can act as preventative measures against building stress It can help you maintain a perfect balance between work and living life to the fullest These exercises can help you get balance in life help you become more flexible both mentally and physically and let you deal with the constant changes of the 21st Century 1 Yoga lifts your mood Regular Yoga practitioners are often found to ward off depression from their lives thus making them happier And a happy version of us leads to a more uplifted approach to everyday life thereby enabling us to manage our personal and professional lives considering them to be two different entities 2 Promotes Wellbeing Yoga and meditation can be seen as a form of workout but it may also prompt you to make healthier lifestyle decisions They may give you the push you ve needed all along whether it may be gaining the courage to say what you feel or knowing what to choose when It helps you to prioritize things from your huge task list and help you deliver your scope better 3 Makes you appreciate your Leisure time Yoga and meditation help you draw a distinctive line between work and pleasure It will help you shut off for the day and shift your attention towards family time or some time to reflect on yourself 4 Promotes Self-Growth The working people especially the corporate class is bound to get caught in the rat race to an extent where we totally forget to see our dead job which is slapping us right on our faces By regularly practicing Yoga or meditation we get the opportunity to self-analyze our situation effectively equipping with the tools which are needed to grow as an individual and thrive in a world of chaos 5 Gives a Better Sleep When we are struggling to strike a good work-life balance we generally become insomniac By doing meditation or yoga on a daily basis you ll be improving your sleep quality significantly It also helps us to feel less fatigued the next day thus helping us to cope better with the stress of our daily lives So if you are really seeking to attain a Work-Life Balance you should start practicing Yoga today

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I decide now to listen to my intuition and follow through on what it tells me to do. This will allow me to tap into a higher level of intelligence in order to materialize my deepest goals and desires.

I decide now to take risks and never give up on discovering how profoundly powerful I am to set goals and do what must be done in order to bring those goals into physical manifestation. I am powerful enough. I am Powerful enough to make effective decisions that will support me in materializing my deepest goals and desires.
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